Boats we sail

No matter how much experience you have (or don’t have!), French Bay enthusiastically welcomes all sailors to its fleet.

The main types of dinghies sailed and raced at FBYC are:

  • Optimist – for children to 50kg, age 10-15. A very popular boat to learn to sail in that takes you up to world championship level if you are so inclined!
  • Starling – for older children and smaller adults from 50kg. A fun boat that gets up and boogies.
  • Sunburst – a great versatile wooden boat that is ideal for learning, for both adults and children. Can accommodate one or two people, and be sailed with a spinnaker for those who are more experienced. An iconic New Zealand parent/child class.
  • Laser (full rig, radial or 4.7) – a low maintenance fibreglass boat of which there are thousands in NZ. The Laser is sailed at the Olympic Games but is also a fun boat for learning in or sailing at the beach. Full rigged boats are best suited for adults 85+kg, while radial rigs are best for adults 65+kg and 4.7 caters for people 50+kg.
  • Jollyboat – a very popular NZ one or two person class, lively and fast with the benefit that it can be sailed in under 15 knots by a solo adult. FBYC is one of the main Jollyboat clubs and if you want to sail with a fleet of class boats, either by yourself or with a child, this is the boat to be in at French Bay.
  • Open – whatever you’ve got, bring it along! You’re always welcome.
The club also has four boats that are available for members to use on a first in, first served basis. Come along to sailing days and discuss with the Officer of the Day. 


Join us for sailing on the Manukau Harbour